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Problem tree

The problem tree is a flow diagram which shows the cause and effect relations between different aspects of a particular issue or problem. It can help to build a picture of the major problems facing a community. It helps to identify the various impacts of a hazard and encourages community members to look into the root causes that have led or contributed to the problems. This helps to identify the issues that need to be addressed in order to reduce vulnerability.  This tool can also help to give structure when analysing information obtained from other tools

Use it to…

  • Assess vulnerabilities by analysing the cause and effect of a hazard or problem

  • Identify the various impacts of a hazard or problems and additional potential long-term effects

  • Understand the root causes that need to be addressed to reduce vulnerability

  • It can also be used in the planning phase to create a solution tree to help find the solutions to the problems identified through the problem tree

See how to do problem trees step by step
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